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If you work in the furniture sector and want to become our customer, send us an email to with yours contact details and your personal details. We will immediately put you in touch with the agent in your area.

We care about the Privacy theme. Therefore you can consult our information on the dedicated page, on our site. If you still have doubts, feel free to write to

Consult on our site the symbology of maintenance of the product you purchased or contact your dealer. NB: if there is no specification on the fabric symbology means that for the latter the fabric has not been tested and therefore we are not liable for Possible damages. In order to avoid unpleasant drawbacks is, always stick to the symbology illustrated.

If you have doubts about the meaning of some maintenance symbols, do not mistake. Consult the symbols by clicking on this link

If you want to read the compositions in full just click on this link

If you have encountered problems or defects with our products, please contact your dealer who will examine scrupulously the problem and if it should be necessary it will be him directly to get in touch with us.

Your fabric has changed color or shrunk after regular and correct maintenance? Consider that all our fabrics are friends of the environment, and therefore, are dyed with colors not harmful to man and nature. This process eco-sustainable means that after washing some colors may slightly change hue.

Based on the fiber, the texture and the finishes they receive the fabrics may experience shrinkage or enlargement. For natural and vegetable fibers are also intrinsic characteristics, while for chemical fibers it depends on various factors. Our products are almost always shrink tested, and You can find the various reference percentages in the technical data sheets available on our website. In principle, we always recommend wetting fabrics before packaging them.

Key to Compositions

AF Other Fibers

BA Bamboo

CA Hemp

CL Chlorofibres

CO Cotton

CU Cupro

EA Elastam

JU Jute

LI Linen

LY Lyocell

MA Modacrylic

MD Modal

NY Nylon

PA Polyamide

PC Acrylic

PE Polyethylene

PL Polyester

PP Polypropylene

PU Polyurethane

PVC Polyvinyl Chloride

RY Rayon

SE Silk

TNT Non-woven fabric

VI Viscose

WO Wool

WV Virgin Wool

Mainteniance symbol Key

Wash in cold water

Wash at 30°

Wash at 60°

Hand wash

Do not wash by soaking

Dry clean

Do not dry clean

Wash with hypocolorite

Do not wash with hypocolorite

It can be spin-dried

Do not spin-dry

Can be tumble dried

Do not tumble dry

Dry in the shade

Spread out vertically

Dry on a flat surface

Iron at low temperature

Iron at medium temperature

Iron at high temperature

Do not iron

Iron without steam

Wash at 40°