Servizi | Tolino Edizioni Tessili per Home, Contract, Outdoor


Our atelier works with our clients, taking care of every detail and guaranteeing the high standard of the Neapolitan tailoring tradition.

Know how

Tradition, handmade work and attention to detail, are our trademark; a true example of “Made in Italy”.

Sliding systems

For years, Tolino has combined fabrics and curtains with the relative sliding systems assembled at home. A service that has become essential for our clients thanks also to the dozens of products available from the most famous brands, of which we are important partners. With a dedicated internal office, we take care of finding the best sliding solution (decorative and professional) for all types of fabrics. We also have electronic motor systems for home automation or automation.

Style Department

Thanks to our design department we are constantly working on research and development of new designs.

Trends and Colors

We look at fashion, colours, fabrics, trends in order to offer our clients an interesting and wide selection of products. Our catalogue gets richer collection after collection. Our research focuses on fashion, decoration, life-style. We visit all the main international trade fairs in order to keep an open mind. We develop creativity and technology and combine them in order to offer quality across all our products.

Assembly Team

We have a highly specialized internal team for measuring measurements and for the assembly of sliding systems, rollers and curtains. Furthermore, the team is equipped with all the safety systems required by the various types of construction sites and the relative certifications in order to operate with specific knowledge of the various anchoring systems based on the materials.