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We use market-leading partners to offer state-of-the-art products and services. Listed below are our partners with whom we share an important collaboration.







The Parà Industrial Group, a Family Company founded in 1920, which for three generations has been producing fabrics of aesthetic value and high technical quality used in indoor and outdoor furnishings and in the nautical sector. Today the Parà Group, with a strong Italian stylistic identity, is present in many countries of the world with a constant innovative capacity.

Mottura, which since 1963 has been developing a constantly cutting-edge technological program in the production of technical curtains, certified through numerous European industrial patents, which have thus given the brand an international resonance. In parallel with its purely technological activity, Mottura has also developed the technical-creative aspect of curtain systems: the Professional Line, in addition to the Decorative Line, now includes a wide range of solutions.

Spanish company founded in 1986 is synonymous with innovation in the field of furniture for our homes, offices and outdoor spaces. In fact, the company offers its international customers a wide choice of types of technical blinds, from roller blinds to wooden Venetian blinds. Innovative products designed to offer maximum visual and thermal comfort, both inside and outside the buildings. Bandalux develops, packages and markets a wide range of technical curtains made with different types of materials. From rich fabrics to the variety of colors present, passing through the use of noble materials such as wood, ecological such as bamboo, ductile such as aluminum and innovative such as Polyscreen®️.

Silent Gliss is the world's leading supplier of manual and motorized awnings in the high end market and is able to offer its customers the best in terms of quality, design, technology and services. The undisputed leadership of the Silent Gliss brand in Italy is attested by numerous prestigious creations in both the public and residential sectors. One of Silent Gliss's great strengths is the ability to perfect the most rigorous manufacturing standards. From the initial project to the development, up to the realization, customers find in Silent Gliss the most suitable skills to solve their different needs.

Emmebi was born in the 1960s as a manufacturer of ribbons and accessories for curtains; the continuous search for innovative solutions and attention to product quality have given it the title of consolidated leadership in the sector. The same attention is paid to details and guiding solutions, innovative since the 1980s, and to its activity in the fields of decorative systems for curtains. An attentive sales and after-sales service to customers are the corollary to the care with which each item is designed.

The highest expression of Medit research is the outdoor roller blind, combined with the most sophisticated and innovative selection of technical fabrics. But the company is also able to range in the world of interior systems, with a consolidated experience in the design of shapes and solutions. Medit, as a partner, turns to professionals in the sector to listen to and solve the most specific design needs in compliance with current regulations. Thanks to the technical consultants, it is able to interpret the design needs to propose customized solutions with a high technical and aesthetic content.