Azienda | Tolino Edizioni Tessili per Home, Contract, Outdoor


Ours is a history of passion, fabrics and entrepreneurial spirit. In 1890 our great grandfather produced ribbons and high-tech (relative the period) looms. He was our inspiration and led the path for us.

Know how

Till this day we still consider know-how to be paramount to our business. We are precise and always on the look out for excellence. This has been our trademark in our country and is now what we are going to take to the international market. We are going to export our style and products to a challenging market. Tolino S.p.A today is a young textile editor, dynamic, with an eye to the future but a strong link to the family tradition.


We work with lucid passion, investing in research and development. We aim to offer a modern and competitive service. Our products are innovative and focus on customers’ needs. We aim to be a benchmark in the textile editor world, in terms of being dynamic and flexible.


Our work is based on tradition whilst moving into the future. We believe in innovation and human relationship. We are constantly working to discover new trends whilst maintaining authentic handcrafted work. Our trademark is authentic passion.


We consider our human resources as key to our firm. We have therefore created a strong team that enjoys working together, in a constructive and stimulating working environment. We invest in training, in different areas such as marketing, communication, supplier management, client management. We aim to improve our competencies in order to maximise all our departments.


We work with professionals, agents and commercials and all are involved in our business decisions. Our commitment and their motivation has made Tolino S.p.A what it is now.


Our agents are not only sales people but have become a reference on the market; they are consultants to our clients and help them define the optimal solutions for their needs. Our products are distributed leveraging on a network of well established distributers all over Italy.


Our HQ is in the modern structure of Interporto Campano. This is a new industrial estate quite unique in Europe. On site we have Customs, people and goods train rails that links us straight to the north of Europe, sea docking station, national and international courier areas, a commercial and a service centre. A perfect place to work synergically with our partners.